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A Night of Nails

Last night I was lucky enough to get my nails painted by a very talented lady that I work with at Laura Ashley! A group of us LA ladies got together for a girly shindig involving nail art, lots of curry (which I am STILL full up from) and classic soppy Rom-Coms playing on loop! Now I know in my crafty ways I can make many things, BUT after seeing the skill and concentration that went into our stunning nails, I think it’s safe to say i’ll stick to

my scissors and glue gun!! It was so fascinating watching how different patterns we’re formed, especially seeing how a gradient of colours were made using a plastic sheet and a sponge!

After sponging on the nail varnish with 2 layers, a top coat was applied which then blended the colours together perfectly! At this point we were in awe at how fantastic they were looking!



Next up was the detail on the ‘accent nail’ – which just to clarify- I had no clue that it was called something fancy until yesterday, see i’m learning new things too! We both decided to have the detail put onto the ring finger, flowers with trailing dots!




As I have a wedding to go to tomorrow, I wanted colours that suitably match my dress, Navy and pale yellow, so for my nails I chose to have yellow flowers on my accent nail, on top of a Navy base coat.





They just look so amazing! It goes without saying that we were so pleased with them! Perfect for my outfit tomorrow at the wedding! I think I may be calling on this lovely lady to do my nails more often..hint hint!

Have a great weekend everyone!




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