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Advert Shoot @ Loft Studios & Snap Productions

I have had the most excitingly hectic, crazy-fun filled two day shoot this week assisting the very talented set dresser Lauren Pratt from Brighton. The advert shoot was filmed in two different locations in London; Loft Studios and Snap Studios with a full production team all prepped for the hustle and bustle of get up, set up & set down. Wowzers.

I’m not allowed to disclose any information regarding who, what where or when until the adverts are aired but I can share with you all a few cheeky snaps that I took throughout the two days.


I was absolutely thrilled to assist and style the six different scenes. Seeing everything slowly (well, quickly) come together was very interesting to say the least. What I loved most was being so hands on throughout the whole experience, from building Ikea furniture to drawing up a pub menu board as a prop for the second scene- I must say that I am very glad that my previous experience of commissioned sign writing paid off!



There were products (which I cannot name) that needed wrapping for each scene, so yet another highlight of the experience was gift wrapping the product PERFECTLY for the close up shot.


I was constantly in awe at the size and vast amount of the equipment and technology too, I had to really concentrate and tame my ‘inner clutz’ from standing on anything breakable or tripping over any wires. Gosh, that would be a story to tell!



Organising the set up for the scenes and styling the props was incredibly fun. Seeing such a small area of empty space quickly transform into a scene was fantastic. We were all very hands on from start to finish and there was always a challenge to battle for the set dressing – I can now say that I am a pro at ‘hanging’ curtains with no pole or track and dressing a wedding reception table which was not actually a real table! It really was a make do with what you’ve got scenario.


On the second day in Snap Studios there were three very different scenes to shoot which required different settings. This particular studio was fantastic as it was sectioned in to different lifestyle zones.



The final scene was filmed outdoors on the roof terrace. Again, it was amazing to see all the tech set up and working on a different scale.



And finally, I really just have to share with you this miniature banana from the breakfast buffet. Mini-nana?


And that ladies and gents, that’s a wrap!

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