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Another Way to Washi

Now i’m sure that I can speak not only on behalf of myself, but for all of you other lovely crafty people out there that you can just NEVER have too much Washi Tape. It’s like having a new pair of shoes… you always need more! My collection of Washi Tape and Fabric tape is growing rapidly, which gives me no choice to but to get my craft on and use them in as many ways as possible! What a shame!! If you haven’t already seen my last creation using Washi Tape on my Pretty Patterned Pegs then do give it a read here!

My obsession for Pinterest has been put to good use as I find myself using it more than I do Google nowadays! Is that just me or is it the life of a crafty being? I found some fantastic Washi Tape ideas from the 100 ways to Washi article by A Night Owl and it gave me the inspiration to Washi Tape my tea light holders!


The wax in my tea lights was luckily removable to make it easier when sticking down the tape, less weighty! And with nothing else but a pair of scissors, this simple and easy craft session began!




I experimented with different designs- Horizontal stripes, vertical stripes and Zigzag patterns, and used a mixture of Washi tapes, with the uncoordinated but ‘yes this works together’ look!




Once the Tape was all stuck down into place I neatened the edges with the scissors again making sure all the strips of tape were even and not overlapping around the edges.


They look fab! Oh what a big change a bit of floral masking tape can make!


I decided to get some spare tea lights from the depths of my candle cupboard and decorate them with tape too for when the wax has burned down in these and they need replacing.



So simple and quick to accomplish! These would make such gorgeous gifts for loved ones wrapped up in some pretty tissue paper!

11011716_873124886059734_1822162678765432072_n (1)

10685539_873124802726409_2875264932342076473_n (1)

Now what else can I get my hands on to Washi Tape before the boyfriend catches me and confiscates them all!!?!