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Bus Life

So if you haven’t yet heard my big news that I have been ranting and raving about for the past 2 weeks- spoken in my super squeaky high pitched excited voice – I will soon be starting my new job at Zara Home in Brighton! Having traveled there on and off over the past 2 weeks, to hand in all needed documents and sign my contract (eek!) I’ve taken a huge liking to my new form of transport, which it’s a pretty darn good thing as I’ll be taking this journey for one hour, twice a day!

Living in Worthing, just 12 miles down the coast from Brighton, and with a bus stop just 200 yards away from my front door, it seems silly to choose any other transportation, and with much less costy prices, what’s a better option for a damsel without a car?

As I boarded the 700 Bus Coastliner today, to head to sign my contract, I really couldn’t complain about the views surrounding me, I sure am a lucky girly to be living so close to beach.



Please excuse the reflection from the window, unfortunately the 700’s aren’t quite swanky enough yet for open top buses, but perched on the front seat at the top of the double decker I thought I’d share with you some of these glorious views that I shall get to experience every day.

For some reason, every time I tell someone that I will be traveling by bus every day they laugh at me in a sense of ‘pfft good luck!’. Now don’t get me wrong, I know what to expect from rush hours overloaded buses and maybe the odd dirty look from a local chav that may want to beat me up BUT, providing I tuck myself away in a calm seat, preferably not right next to a screaming baby or perspiring old man then personally, I think it’s quite relaxing!


Considering Brighton isn’t much further than 10 miles down the road, an hour long journey does seem a little OTT, but traveling from one busy town to a super busy town via bus will never be a quick trip, that’s all part of the ‘joys’ of public transport. Luckily for me, this means 2 whole hours a day of ME time. Time to schedule my week, time to jot things down, time to plan and organise blog posts, but most importantly, time to THINK – which recently, what with working 2 jobs and running my blog hasn’t really been an option.

I’m going to be so much more organised! (She says)



I’m nearing the end of my notice period at Laura Ashley now, and after that I will have a whole weekend off before starting my new journey, an entire weekend all to myself – that’s just never heard of!

I’m so excited to be getting a step closer to Brighton town, I absolutely love it when me and T both have a day off and we and mooch around the lanes and eat something delicious in a tucked away cafe. The hustle and bustle of Brighton is always an eye opener – one day, one day we shall live there!




On the massive plus side with my new job, there’ll be less unsociable hours which means more time to spend with T, and more time to focus on all of you and my blog. I’m super happy to see that finally a much more relaxed lifestyle is in sight!

And moving back on to the topic of my bus travels, who knows, maybe after a few months of traveling this journey every day i’ll be eating my words, but only time will tell after I have started my new adventure.



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2 Responses
  • cheryl
    July 22, 2015

    Big Congratulations!! What’s the new job with Zara home? Those blue skies! Are you sure your in England? 😉

      July 22, 2015

      Thank you Cheryl! I’m super excited! Going to be progressing my visual merchandising career there, I get to work on their displays! Can’t wait! I know the weather was beautiful today, the blue skies and aquamarine sea really made me feel like i was on vacation! 🙂