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Crazy Days & Lazy Days

Time really has caught up with me this month. I think with a mixture of becoming ill with Shingles (Yes, I’m 23 and I’ve just had Shingles) , celebrating my birthday and finding out we have a whopping £300 vet bill to pay this week because our poor moggy needs some dental extrusion has really thrown me. This week I’m currently off work and I feel as though all of my creative plans have been thrown out the window and I’ve lost my ‘oomph’. I need to get back my

‘GET UP AND GO’ attitude. Rawr.

Having shingles hit me hard in the sense that I lost control of my actions. I was quarantined for nearly 2 weeks unable to go out and in a lot of pain. Shingles is always something I’ve associated with older people, but I learned the hard way that is most certainly not the case. It is also known as Herpes Zoster (yep shingles is part of the herpes strain so be warned that if you do ever get shingles, don’t open up the medication/leaflet in front of friends or in public as it has HERPES written in bold lettering), and for 7 days I was on anti-viral medication and pain killers; I was pretty much rattling for the whole week.

That being said, it gave me the reality check that I needed to realise I may need to take things down a notch, and also start looking after myself properly. It’s so easy to get caught up in the days merging in to weeks and weeks merging in to months, so it’s important to take some time-out and give your body some rest. I’m making sure that I now take multi-vitamins daily and give myself some TV time within my busy schedule. I forgot what it felt like to spend an afternoon doing NOTHING. It felt pretty amazing.

Along with that, I’m currently doing a 14 day BooTea teatox to flush out any toxins and make me feel more fresh and so far I feel it’s working well. I always wonder if it’s psychological… but either way, it’s making me feel better so I guess i’m winning.  I’m giving my body some much needed love and TLC.


Work has been amazing, I’m feeling a lot more settled now as the Visual Merchandiser having finally completed my training. Things have been rather mental during sale period and with the launch of our new summer collections but it has given me some new exciting displays to work on. I always love getting in new products to work with as it mixes things up a bit and gives my visual brain a new challenge.

We had a staff meeting this week which meant I had to make a presentation about the new collections to teach everyone about the different inspirations and influences for the products so that was a fun day spent in the office. I do love the team I work with… we all work bloomin’ hard!



Everything is slowly getting back to normal, I just really feel this month has taken it’s toll on me mentally and physically- but I guess that’s life just testing my abilities and strength, and boy I’m not going down that easily.

Our poor pusskins has to go to the vet tomorrow for major dental extrusions, poor kitty lost a tooth this week as a result of gum disease and now has to have many other gnashers removed. I hate the thought that she will be helpless under anesthetic, but in the long run it will ease any current pain she may have. She’s still looking and acting dandy though, she’s a strong character just like moi.


“You don’t always need a plan,

sometimes you just need to breathe, trust,

let go and see what happens”. – Mandy Hale

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