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Creative Photography

I’ve really been struggling to find some time to be creative over the past couple of weeks, which has been getting me down massively! Having just finished a 9 day streak at work meant that today I could finally have a lay in….

No alarm, no work!

Of course, as you can all probably relate, today has not been all about pyjamas and sofa. Today has meant housework and food shopping is a must, but I’ve given myself a few hours this afternoon especially to update you all on my latest craze.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like life is all work and no play, I’m normally all for the ‘work hard, play harder’ rule but when there’s not enough hours in the day it’s pretty much impossible at times to let your hair down.

Leaving for work early and arriving home late can be so disheartening at times, especially in the winter months when the sun rises and sets within your working shift, but luckily for me, doing shifts means that on occasion I may start slightly later in the day.

Me being me, I cannot survive without at least trying to be creative. So over the past couple of weeks I have found a project which I’m hoping may inspire some of you who are in the same position as myself. I’ve always been a fan of photography, and as a big lover of Instagram I can get slightly obsessed with filling up my feed with pretty pictures and images for everyone to see.

So, when I arrive home late in the evening when the sun is no longer out, I lay out and prepare my photos. I take a variety of different objects, craft supplies and sewing tools, and position them in an aesthetically pleasing way. Then, before heading off to work the next day, and when there is just enough daylight, I take photos of my set ups and then edit them on my bus journey to work.


This little idea doesn’t always fill the complete desire to indulge in a full blown craftathon, but for me it’s enough to keep me going until I finally have a morning or afternoon free. Photography is not only a great way to express your style, but also it can give everyone a sense of what your likes and desires are…Along with making super pretty images for others to see and advertising your brand image as well.

For anyone who is not so familiar with the world of photography, creating and editing photos can seem a bit daunting. Last year I wrote a post with tips and tricks of what editing tools and apps I use to create my images, so you can give that a read here. But apart from that, there’s no harm in trying, a little trial and error is never a negative thing and who know’s, you might be a natural pro!

I really hope this has maybe helped a few of you who may be stuck in the same position as me. At least in some way doing this involves craft supplies and creativity, just in a slightly different way.

It can be really rewarding when an image turns out just how you expected it to, and even sometimes when it doesn’t… it can end up better than expected! I get tons of support from my followers on Instagram who regularly like and comment on my photos and again, that’s a sense of achievement.


If i’m totally honest, a lot of my photos are just created by faffing and playing around. It never goes perfectly straight away and if it does then I still can’t help twiddling and tweaking things, one of the joys of having a creative mind right?!

At the end of it all, you’re left with a new image that reflects your personality. Whether you keep it to yourself, upload it on social media, stick it in your portfolio or print it and put it up on your wall, it’s still a creation that you have made and for me that releases some of my creative urges.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want any more information, tips or tricks on this topic. It would actually be quite nice to hear back from a few of you to reassure me that i’m not always the only one stuck in this situation! You can get in touch via my contact form here.

I hope this has helped!




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