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That’s so Gemma was created in March 2015 when I was once a naïve newbie ‘blogger’ with a hella-lot to learn. Little did I know how much this little online space of mine would expand and progress my career, and help me get to where I am today. Nowadays, That’s so Gemma has grown in popularity and become a for-profit venture. So, here’s the low-down on how I work with other brands and organisations:

Guest Posts and Sharing

*Please note – I do not accept sponsored content in the form of pre-written guest posts or infographics. I take huge pride in saying that all content on the That’s so Gemma blog is written solely by me, and all photography shots are styled and taken by myself. However, I am very open to considering collaborations and co-hosting posts if a reviewed opportunity is in keeping to my blog aesthetic. I always do my upmost best to make sure all content on my blog is consistent with my aesthetic, and in my readers best interest. So, if you’re an interiors fanatic or a fellow crafty bugger then I am just one email away from reviewing any ideas you may want to propose on how we can team up and work together.

All images are taken (amateurly) by myself on my iPhone unless stated otherwise. Images taken on a photoshoot will be styled by myself and shot by a photographer, all credits to the photographer will be clearly stated in the footer of the post.

Giveaways and Competitions

On occasion, I like to spread some love and run giveaways or competitions over my social media accounts. These are usually announced on my blog as well. Some prizes are sent to me by brands, some prizes are handmade by myself, and some are also purchased by myself. I’m more than up for collaborating as a giveaway host within the realms of crafts/interior based products. Sharing is Caring!

Product Review

Every now and then I will review products I have been sent by companies or brands. Recently I have learnt to say no to these offers more than I actually say yes. Again, a learning curve, but it is crucial that all products I review remain relevant to my interests and coherent to my blogs theme. Products that would be taken into consideration would be anything related to:

  • Home Décor
  • Crafts
  • Stationery
  • Photography
  • Journalling

I will only agree to review a product if I think my readers (you!) would like to know about it (this is incredibly important to me when taking product reviews in to consideration). I will quite often post DIY’s and craft projects which contain supplies that I have been given; this will always be clearly stated in the footer of my posts. Any item used in a post that has been sent purely for a review will also be stated in the footer of my posts.

I regularly review products that I have purchased myself just because I love to share any awesomeness I find! These items could be anything from high street finds, to car-boot treasures, nifty thrifty’s or bargain buys.

Affiliate Links and Ads

Some of my posts may contain affiliate links. This doesn’t mean anything scary! It simply means that a small commission (super small in fact) will be earned if a reader clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase. I only link to products that I genuinely like or recommend. Sidebar icons are usually affiliate links or ad spots arranged on an individual basis.

Sponsored Content

Just like product reviews, I sometimes collaborate with brands on sponsored content. This means I have received a payment to write a post which includes a reference to their company or product. Again, I will only ever partner with brands that are a good fit with my blog, my aesthetic and in keeping with what I truly believe YOU my readers will enjoy.

Any posts that have been sponsored will be highlighted as such in the footer of my blog.

If you have any questions, ask away! If you’re interested in collaborating with me, fire away! I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible…