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DIY Tassel Keychain

For the past couple of days I’ve been working hard on these adorably cute tassel key chains as I certainly needed a pretty dangly accessory for my new Webster’s Pages personal organiser!

Working in Brighton means I have constant access on my lunch hours to wander round the shops in the lanes, including one of my FAVOURITE shops in the North LainesThe Bead Shop!


I was on a mission to find gold key chain clips and gold key rings to help me construct my tassel charms and this was the perfect place – I could of spent hours in there! At least I was on a time limit so I didn’t end up spending all of my money!

Along with some Patons Smoothie DK wool and some gold cord, my tassel key chains were all ready to rumble!


I started off by attaching one of the key clips to one key ring – it’s much easier to do it at the beginning before the wool is threaded on!


Next,  I cut a strip of card to double the length I wanted the tassels to become (you will be folding the wool in half), and then began to wrap the wool around the card and fastened it with a knot.

Note – the fuller you want the tassel, the more you will need to wrap it around – for mine I counted 24 times.


Then, prepare your key chain by threading through 2 pieces of wool –  the next stage can get pretty fiddly! You can thread through as many strands as you wish, I chose 2 simply because my chosen wool is pretty strong.


Below I have made a step by step guide, as you look through the images follow these rules:

  • Slide the wool off of the card.
  • Pinch the centre of the wool carefully and fold in half (ensure you have folded it as evenly as possible)
  • Take your key chain and threads, then wrap it around the centre of the wool.
  • Tie in a double knot as tight as you possibly can.
  • Cut the ends of the 2 strands to neaten it up.


You should now, hopefully, have something that looks like the last image above!

Once all of the stages above are complete, thread the gold cord through a wide-eyed needle and sew it through the underneath of your tassel (close to the knot you have just made).


Attach it securely, again with a double knot and trim the excess.


Then, position your wool around the top of the tassel neatly and begin to wrap the gold thread around the entire wool, to create the tassel top.



Wrap the Gold thread around the wool as many times as you wish until you get your desired look, then thread the gold cord back in to the centre of the tassel (underneath) and secure with a tight knot.

Begin trimming the ends of you tassel to make the strands of wool separate. Then trim any longer strands until its neat and tidy.


And Voila!



Obviously it goes without saying that these cute key chains could be used as decoration on handbags, purses, keys and clothing – and I’m using mine to decorate my planner!



I just love them! A new make for the up and coming That’s so Gemma craft stall and Etsy store!


Don’t they look dandy!?

Would LOVE to see some of your planner accessory makes! Email them over to me via my contact form here, so I can take a peek!

Happy Fri-yay!

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