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Easter Tree and All Things Peachy

So as you may know, I have been making a large range of decorations for the Easter season! But this hasn’t all been for nothing…no no no! Collectively I have put them all together and made my spectacular Easter tree!

I first heard about Easter trees from my Mum. For the last 6 or so years, she would buy and collect different egg or chick decorations, then display them on a few straggly twigs and call it an Easter tree. Don’t get me wrong, they always looked brilliant! But I did for a while think she was in her own la la land where Easter trees existed and everything was peachy.

But blow me down…I have more recently been seeing these trees everywhere… in shop window displays, at my friends house, and even in someones front garden, SO, I have followed the trend and made a homemade one of my own!


Part 4

You may or may not have followed my recent posts about how to make simple and different decorations, and if you need to catch up you can find them all here:

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Decorate this Easter 


I found these cute plant pot sticks to incorporate into my tree from my local florist shop which is also where I bough the branches for my tree as well. I bought 2 bunches of birch, sprayed in pink and yellow, and a large cluster of twisted willow… this was rather tricky to then carry back through town successfully without poking someones eye out!


I’ve included all of my homemade decorations which all look so pretty hanging together! And I used the mini bunting to hang from branch to branch.


The polystyrene egg decorations that I made were PERFECT as they were so light, so they could hang on all of the spindly branches without lowering them.


I also found some extremely cute ‘Happy Easter’ decorations from Sass & Belle (one of my favourite shops) when I went to London last week with my Mumma (Photos below)


For the base of the tree, I used a vase which I picked up at a thrift shop for tuppence, and although its not entirely to my taste, it made the perfect vase for my tree with some floral blue ribbon tied around it for extra decoration



overall, a brilliant outcome!


If anyone else has an Easter tree they would like to share with me them please do get in touch via the contact section.

I would love to see all of your decorations, and Easter-like shenanigans for the spring season, it really is my favourite time of the year!


Mmmm Tea and marshmallows…