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Edit, Rotate, Tilt & Create!

So today I’m sharing with you all my tips and tricks on how to edit photos and what apps I use to create my images! I’m frequently asked how I edit my photos and i’m completely flattered when I get told that my photos look really professional and ‘awesome’!! So I thought i’d give you all a handy insight on how I actually create them, and it’s a lot easier than you think!

I studied photography in college so have I have the basic skills of knowing how to take snaps from the correct angle, and ensuring that there is good lighting, but nowadays there’s also some really cool apps that help structure images and give them funky filters!



Moldiv is amazing for making collages! It’s also the best app to go to for adding a funky shaped frame to your images, much better than the basic square or circular shapes and there’s a negative option as well which gives some interesting results!


I love using the collage setting on this app because it allows to you pick up to 9 different images then tilt, rotate and layer them on top of one and other. You can also alter the dimensions of the layout and add a frame in any colour to each image if preferred.




Phonto is most certainly the ‘go-to’ app for adding text to your images. It gives you a huge variety of different fonts to choose from and you can layer it in any position or angle on top of the photo. There’s also background settings to add different shapes that the text can lay in, then tweaking the opacity of the text means you can still see the image behind… it’s pretty nifty for a professional look!




FrameMagic is probably the app I most frequently use. With quick and easy one click options to adding multiple photos into any frame layout, within minutes I can have a complete image ready to load. It also gives you multiple options to which resolution you want your image to be saved as, handy for those who don’t have much data storage left on their phones!




Saving the best till last, Snapseed has to be my ultimate fave! It’s professional, easy to use and gives you a huge variety of different filters, image tuning tools and frames. It can be confusing at first to get the hang of (especially since the last update I think?!) BUT once you know how, YOU KNOW HOW.


It gives you selective edit mode as well, so if there’s a small part of your image your not happy with, or a strand of hair or bit of fluff has managed to photobomb your perfect image (it happens!!) then that can easily be edited out and adjusted really well!

On top of all of that you can add vignette, lens blur and glamour glow to your photos too! Yay for hipsters!



So there’s my top four and it’s really not as complicated as it seems at all! I get super chuffed when people comment on how lovely my images look on my blog! Don’t get me wrong, photo editing can be pretty time consuming, especially when you have a large amount to edit but these four apps really do help make things go a lot more swiftly.

With these four apps I created my new sidebar photo today on my blog…If you hadn’t already noticed the change!


Bring on more fab photos! Don’t forget to get in touch with me about your super snaps! Would be great to find out about any other fantastic photo editing apps/tools. Hit me up!

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