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Having a Mooch

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt since going freelance in the world of Interior styling and set dressing, is that there’s one particular activity which becomes a regular occurrence and is a must. SHOPPING. I am not complaining, I love shopping, but there’s an element of pressure that comes with the job for finding the perfect item. For example; A pen. Not a new pen, preferably fountain which has a worn look but not too plain. A tray. Must be a flat tray with no handles, white wooden with a slight distressed look but not too distressed. A vintage turntable. Must have a clear top, be in full working condition and look good from a shot down angle – has to be vintage, not reproduction. You know, that kind of pressure. When you have limited time and a large shopping list with strict instructions it can become…stressful.

I had the pleasure of prop shopping last week with the very talented set dresser Lauren Pratt who showed me the ins and outs of Brighton. I honestly cannot believe that I have lived there for so long without knowing the go-to places. On a Saturday they have the cheapest of cheap street markets in the North Laines which has half a dozen secret bric-a-brac shops off the street with SO MUCH TATT. But good tatt of course, I love a bit of tatt.

I really like shopping, especially in markets or car-boot sales finding nifty thrifty items and second hand gems… probably because I also like a bargain and enjoy being a little haggler. I almost definitely learnt the bartering skill from my Grandad. He knows.

Anyways, the whole Brighton prop shopping escapade completely took me by surprise, especially when we came by an average looking shop which had a hidden conservatory at the back which led to the realm of PLANT HEAVEN (pictured above). We were carrying too much stuff so I couldn’t indulge, but it did then lead me to later buying a Chinese Money Plant which arrived a couple of days ago. Another plant to add to my obsession. YAY.


Prop shopping tends to make you really aware of your surroundings, you literally end up walking around looking like an owl observing every object around you. It’s probably a bit creepy really. That being said, besides from all the prop hunting it made me notice that Brighton really is such a fantastic city, not that I didn’t already know this. It’s renowned for it’s quirky features plastered all over the main streets but even it the nooks and cranny’s, the off street roads still hold a lot of admirable features. Ah Brighton, I love you.


The last couple of weeks I have been cramming in the shoots, the shopping and also buying myself a new car! I am officially back on the road so watch out, Gemma’s about! It’s going to be super useful when transporting around a lot of belongings, and I can now take my handy tool kit wherever I go so my handbag will be free of my usual ‘tools of the trade’. Honestly if anyone ever searched my bag they would be very confused…

Allen key – check!

Lint Roller – check!

Floristry wire – Check!

Also, whilst I’m here I thought I would mention that it is just TWO DAYS until the shortlists are announced for the Amara Interior Blog Awards! Anxious much?! Basically you will either hear me shouting it from the rooftops OR if I don’t post, well, let’s not go there…

Fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed!


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