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Make & Create: The perfect present

 Mothering Sunday…a day to to show appreciation to all of those lovely mummy’s out there in the world! We can all easily do the whole ‘my mum’s better than your mum’ malarkey (quite rightly so of course) but for now i’m going to show you some wrapping tips to give the perfect present,for the perfect mum! For those of you that don’t know, when it comes to wrapping I become slightly obsessed with ribbon, stickers, decorations and labels….and without a doubt, it all has to match! To me wrapping a present is the most exciting part of the gift-giving procedure, making things pretty…that’s what I do!


 So my first tip for wrapping the perfect present would be to always cut the paper down to the right size. Now I know that may sound slightly patronising (like who has never wrapped a present before right?), but once you have done the initial ‘wrap and stick’ procedure and your left with the ends of the present to wrap, cut off any excess paper so there’s just enough to cover the ends neatly. As shown in the photos, I fold the sides inwards, then overlap the top and bottom to tuck in the corners of the present nicely! No excess paper means no frumpy corners, and an easy landing spot for the sellotape. First stage complete!

11062822_836862673019289_7022910009024801635_nNow for the best part…decoration! For this occasion, Mother’s day, there’s no holding back on the girly! Sparkly paper with pink and checkered ribbon, yes yes yes! For my ribbon wrapping I used two different ribbons with contrasting colour, both of which matched the paper though (of course) and to start with I used the thicker ribbon of the two. This ribbon I wrapped around the length and the width, using the standard flip and twist procedure then stuck down the ends with sellotape under the covering ribbon to hide any untidy parts. I then wrapped the second ribbon around just the width of the present and tied in a bow. Wrapping the presents individually is optional, but I chose to stack them to give the present some height and to keep together safely.


And there we have it! One lovely present for one lovely mummy!

I hope all of you mum’s had the special day that you all deserve!



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