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Here I go again!

Well guys, I must have done something right in Manchester earlier this month because I’ve been selected again to go to Leeds this week for another store opening! Four more days of boxes, hard working crazy arms flying around and a whole lot of coffee – but I am very excited to be heading off again with a super team!

So once again I’m giving you a friendly notification that I may not be around as much this week, I will definitely make up for my absence next month though! April has seriously gone in a blink of an eye and I feel bad that my crazy manic work schedule has taken it’s toll on my now neglected blog! But I love y’all! I am still here with lots of exciting plans and crafty makes for you all, but there really hasn’t been enough hours or days this month to keep on track!!

Thank you all for being your usual lovely and supportive Geminions (that’s my name for you all now!) , I will be back with a bang soon I promise!

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