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Leeds Briggate High Street- Zara Home Store Opening

We did it again! Another extremely successful store opening completed, this time in Leeds on the Briggate High street, and what an amazing team we proved to be yet again! Another week of long hours, pulling each other out of bed at 6am each morning and coffees which consisted of quadruple shots (not even kidding) BUT, we did it!

Of course the week started off with a whole load of boxes, which slowly dwindled down to… more smaller boxes, but eventually everything came together perfectly and each and every one of us members of the support team, staff team and temps worked our butts off in style!


This time the store was spread over three floors, with the stock room unfortunately being right at the top of the building and with a lift that was not working SO, hats off to the poor temps who were lifting boxes constantly all day up and down 5 flights of stairs! TROOPERS!



Working once again with this amazing team was pretty much what got me through the week I think! Every single one of us gave each other the support and motivation needed to get through each day, all rounded off with some lovely lunch and dinner meals spent together to reflect on the week.





And of course, I had to take some snaps of my energy fuel!




It was SO COLD in Leeds! Seriously it felt like December when it began snowing, which didn’t help the fact that the front door of the store was constantly open to let in deliveries. fuh-reezing!


And we were more than amused to arrive back to our hotel with a handy cutter in my pocket. They were everywhere to be fair…


 Overall a bloomin’ good job well done! And there was a perfect looking store ready for the public to show for it…


Woohoo we rock!

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