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Mrs Brimbles October Daily Challenge

For those of you who are following me on Instagram , you may have noticed that during the month of October I have been taking part in Mrs Brimbles October daily challenge and #tagging them to #MrsBrimblesOctDaily

Every day there was a theme for us to take a photo of and post it on our Instagram feed to suit the theme of Autumn, my feed was glowing with all sorts of autumnal colours!

In case your not Instagram or if your not a follower of myself (if not, why not! 🙂 ) then here’s an update of what snaps I have been capturing throughout this daily photo challenge!

Day 1:  October


Day 2: Brown


Day 3: Autumnal


Day 4: ‘So Me’ 


Day 5: I Made This


Day 6: Favourite

My Favourite place to relax.


Day 7: Snuggly


Day 8: Journal


Day 9: Warm Drink


Day 10: Colours of Autumn 


Day 11: Colour Orange


Day 12: Memories


Day 13: Book


Day 14: To Do


Day 15: Leaves


Day 16: Selfie 


Day 17: Out and About


Day 18: Dashboard


Day 19: Cozy 


Day 20: Soup Season 

Ok Ok I cheated, but I don’t like soup!


Day 21: Apples


Day 22: Decorate


Day 23: Conkers


Day 24: Stickers


Day 25: Toasty


Day 26: Preparation


Day 27: Crisp or Crunch


Day 28: Pumpkin


Day 29: Changing 


Day 30: Treat 

New rug!


Day 31: Halloween


Make sure you don’t miss out on the fun next time and follow Mrs Brimbles on Instagram for future monthly photo challenges! You can find her Instagram account here for regular updates!

I can’t wait for the next one!

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2 Responses
  • Lexi
    November 4, 2015

    Hi Gemma,

    Absolutely love your photos and crafty decorations! I’m a single mummy of two boys and am trying to find a way to make money around them. I’m a graphic designer by trade but always enjoyed designing characters and crafty bits….any idea how I can start small with some products? I have little money to invest and all companies want massive quantities I just can’t afford. How did you get your stickers printed, is it possible to do just a few at a reasonable price?

      November 14, 2015

      Hi Lexi!

      I’m so sorry it’s taken so long for me to reply! I didn’t receive a notification of your message!

      Just like you, I don’t have very much to invest either, I printed the stickers through vista print and I think it cost me roughly around £15 for 250 stickers which is a bargain! It really helps having your logo on your products to spread your brand and get yourself seen. I’ve slowly and comfortably been making enough stock over the past few months ready to sell at my first craft stall which will be on December 5th, I can’t wait to see it all finally come together!

      My advice to you would be to take it slow, don’t rush everything and go at your own pace. People don’t realise quite how much work goes in to making products, advertising them and successfully selling them. I’m still constantly learning new things, everything is a new adventure for me which is why I started this blog to document my journey.

      Slowly but surely I will get there, and you will too! You just have to keep confident, manage your costs efficiently without breaking the bank and not overwork yourself.

      I suggest to start off making products which consist of materials that are inexpensive, and don’t take in to account the amount of time it takes you, after all if it’s a hobby you love then your time is free as you can enjoy it… And any business needs a lot of time and effort to grow!

      I hope this has helped!

      Would love for you to send me your details (Facebook page/website) so I can pop along to look!

      Thank you for your kind words!

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