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My Latest Creation – Treasure Books

Eeeeek! So i’m really excited about sharing this post with you all, my newest and latest creation! I stumbled across some plain white notebooks in a shop the other day and thought to myself how boring! 

WHO would ever want a plain white notebook with no pattern, no colour and no design? And then it got me thinking, and by thinking I mean standing in the middle of the shop like a complete odd bod staring at the poor notebooks in despair and deep thought for approximately 10 minutes (what must people think of me?) and I conjured up a completely new product idea in my head… just. like. that.

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while now you may remember a post I wrote in May called Scrappy Birthday. For my Mums birthday earlier this year I made her a scrapbook of photos, keepsakes and all things lovely, and the front cover was a collage I created using a number of different crafty materials, one of my proudest pieces of work! (See post here)

So as I stood in the shop, by now the weirdest person in there, it suddenly occurred to me that I could make my beautiful collage creations on the front of these notebooks. Gemma you genius…and it only took you 15 minutes of looking like a wally to work it out. jheez.

With a stack of notebooks ready to be transformed, all of my crafty supplies scattered around me and the new Lana Del Rey album on full blast I began my craft binge session.








One hour turned into two hours, and two hours turned into TEN. It was amazing, and so fun! Every notebook is completely unique so the attention to detail is 100% up to me and I loved being able to add my own personal touches to each and every one. After a 4 hour evening session I realised it was then midnight and that I should probably get some sleep, luckily for my creative little brain I had the following day off so I could continue my crafty antics for a further 4 hours straight away.

With Christmas creeping up on us, YES I dare to say the ‘C‘ word, I experimented with some festive supplies I had stored away and created a Christmas Planner, pretty darn cute.



Now I would REALLY appreciate some honest feedback from you regarding your thoughts and opinions of these notebooks. I’m considering making some more so I have plenty of stock to sell at Craft fairs later this year, and would love to know what you think of them! You can get in touch with me via my contact form here!




Oh and surprise surprise… my poor desk got in a bit of a state! The aftermath of a craftathon!


Look forward to hearing from you all!

G x

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