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Oh it’s Easter Tree time!

It’s happened! My Easter tree has bloomed today and I must say it’s looking rather dandy. Before anyone asks, YES, Easter trees are a thing! With oodles of inspiration on Pinterest and a few handy tips and tricks from myself, it is by no means too late to create your own ready for the Easter shenanigans this coming weekend.

Along with my handmade salt dough decorations (full tutorial here), I conjured up my Easter-ific tree with some sparkly Easter egg decorations and some extra decorations and embellishments.

This year I took a wander down to a local public garden and picked up a selection of broken branches looking sorry for themselves on the ground… waste not want not, and look like a complete odd bod in the meantime stashing away twigs, fab!

I decided to paint my twigs this year in pale pink and yellow, and I was very kindly given some white painted branches from an event I went to at the weekend where they had mini Easter trees set as centre table decorations (see they are a thing!). Painting the twigs has given my tree such a happy spring-like look and I just LOVE the outcome.





The vase was in fact a gift to me from my Mum and Grandma back when I got Shingles, delivered to me by a fantastic flower company so I’m pretty chuffed it is now making the perfect base to hold my branches.


Easter is all set in the That’s so Gemma household! How is yours coming along? Photos here please!

10406816_834044023301154_4223288346472118630_n (1)

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