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Pinwheels & Polkadots

My oh my! What a beautiful sunny day it is today! When I first awoke early this morning I thought we were in for some storms but it seems the sun won the battle and is shining proudly this afternoon.

With all of this lovely heat and the smell of BBQ’s following me around every corner I was inspired to make a summery make today after a cheeky session on Pinterest when I was travelling on the bus this morning.

Oh Pinwheels… how your perfect structure and bright bold colours brings joy to anyone…not just children! And they’re the ideal accessory for any occasion, whether it be a garden party, wedding or a specific celebration.


I’ve got myself completely and utterly obsessed with Tiger Stores. Every time I pop in (which I can do much more frequently now that I will be working in Brighton wooh) , there’s always something that pops up, unseen before that I must have! Today I purchased some more paper straws to add to my collection and some super funky decorative paper and knew these would be perfect for my Pinwheels.

To start off this crafty make, cut out equal squares to the specific size you require.

Fold the square piece of paper diagonally, then rotate and fold the opposite corners in the same way.


You will end up with something that looks like this ^^

Next, cut from each of the corners in to the centre stopping halfway.


There are different ways that you can secure your pinwheel together, so choose the option that is most suitable to you. Either hole punch every other corner and use a split pin to secure all of the pieces together, or use strong craft glue or a glue gun.

I chose to use my handy glue gun, and started off by gluing a small dot in the centre of my paper, faced upwards.


Now fold every other corner into the centre and secure down.


 Any patterned paper will work perfectly for this, you can go pretty and vintage with some colour-coordinated floral paper or just outrageously contrasting like I chose for mine! Next I attached the back of the pinwheel to my stripey coloured straws.


And just like that, they’re complete. I made a few in different sizes and patterns, they look fab all clustered together!


I even experimented by making a small diddly one and attached it lower down on a straw so that it can still be used, how cute would these be to drink from at a garden party!


Such simple and easy things to make yet they bring so much colour and joy! This really makes me wish I had a garden now to host an outdoor party. I love summer!




Have a great day everyone!

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