So here we have my first official sign writing blogpost! Exciting stuff! These images here are all Menus and A-board designs i created for The Lighthouse Cafe in Worthing, What great fun it was! Although in the past i have designed posters and written a few boards for friends, this was my official first paying job for my new Sign Writing hobby! Absolutely had a blast doing all of them. I can’t deny I am a slight perfectionist so to start with I was scrubbing off and re doing some headers or titles, but once i’d got the typography down to a tee, I was on a role!

Even more excitingly… having taking these photos and shown them around a few places i’ve been booked for my next job in The Royal Oak, also in Worthing…Can’t wait!



10994345_830476603657896_5237794947124176093_n (1)


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