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That’s so Gemma Turns 2

I honestly can’t quite believe how much of a strong impact my humble little blog has had on my life over the past two years. It’s changed me for the better, it’s helped me progress in my career and it’s fulfilled far more than I could have ever expected back when I started in March 2015, when That’s so Gemma was born.

During my first year of That’s so Gemma I had a lot to learn, only now can I look back and reflect on that. I still do have a lot to learn (this blogosphere is one crazy techy world), but I’m far more aware of what can be achieved and mainly thankful for getting to where I am today.

This last year has seen me through HUGE life changes. I sacked the boss, became a freelancer and walked in to the self-employed world with nothing to loose. I genuinely could not and would not have been able to do this (or even  know about) without having this online space of mine.

And the result? I have never felt so more in control of my own life, so happy to know that I am solely working towards my true goals and ambitions, successfully. I’m back to the normal, happy me again and actually feel like I have a purpose in my chosen career path.

So let’s take a look back at some memorable points throughout That’s so Gemma’s second year…

I got my first magazine feature!

I opened up to the world about some ‘crazy, huge ideas I wanted to achieve’

I ACTUALLY quit my job and went freelance in order to achieve these goals…

My work started coming out in more magazine features from numerous photoshoots.

I was nominated for the Amara Interior Blog Awards

Then, I failed at getting shortlisted, but still kept going…

I teamed up with Hobbycraft and became a ‘maker’ for their blog

I launched my new freelancing website

And now, I’ve rebranded That’s so Gemma

So yeah, just a few monumental things that have occurred over the last 12 months!

I want to thank each and every one of you followers, readers, commenters and likers for motivating me to progress. I’m actually so happy that I have gained a dedicated following who are all so extremely supportive, y’all are great!

Let’s see what this next year will bring…

Happy Birthday That’s so Gemma!