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Washi that Washi

A day off on a horrible rainy day like today can only mean one thing… BLOG! It’s so gloomy outside that I’ve actually had to switch the light on in my living room, gross! So my plans for today are to blog, blog oh and… blog. At least it gives me a chance to catch up on all of my posts after my lovely weekend away with T (see post here!).

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing around Tiger Stores in Brighton (which generally is something I do almost every day seeing as I work close by and what could be better to do in my lunch break!?) and I found this BARGAIN priced bamboo washi tape dispenser with three plain washi tapes included for just £2.00! What a steal! I then found a matching bamboo mini stapler for the same price and it was a match made in heaven. These lovely new additions of mine needed a bit of That’s so Gemma‘s touch!


I began my makeover by painting both items white.

Because they are made from bamboo, the paint can find it tough to stick, so with a sprinkle of chalk paint powder (see my video tutorial here), the paint brushes on perfectly.


After 2 coats and some time to allow them to dry off, they were ready to have some colour added to them.


I pondered on how I was going to spice them up for quite a while… I thought about painting them in polka-dots, adding some embellishments or Deco Mache paper and then it occurred to me, what’s better to decorate a washi tape dispenser with than WASHI TAPE ITSELF?!

After a lovely craft session of puzzling together different strips of washi tapes in all different widths and patterns, it was safe to say they were most certainly now colourful! I used a craft knife to cut the edges neatly and the skinny washi tapes (also from Tiger) came in very handy for the thin edges around the base of the stapler.


I did my best to take a selection of photos from each angle for you all because every side is different!




I then chose three of my most favourite washi tapes to sit proudly in the dispenser, ready for more washi tape action!


Another small successful craft session complete… At least I can say that they are one of a kind!

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