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What a Lovely Week Off!

Why does time always pass so fast when you’re off work? I can honestly say that I have had the most fantastic week from beginning to end.

At the beginning of the week I was in a complete hustle and bustle getting ready for the Homestyle Magazine photo shoot (see post here), but even that felt like fun in all of the excitement.

I’ve cracked on with a lot of blog related tasks, including making a couple of new videos on my Youtube channel, baking and making crafts. But, most importantly this week I have made time for friends and family.  Being a full-time worker and free time blogger really does take its toll on my social life at times, so I made it my priority to catch up with my nearest and dearest and JUST.BE.FREE.


I feel so productive and happy! Still as a newbie blogger, I’m always trying to find the balance between work/social and blog life. It can be tough but it’s also very rewarding. I feel as though this week has really taught me a lesson that I CAN make time for everything that is important to me. I CAN write or edit a blog post then head off out for the evening to meet up with a friend. I CAN meet up for lunch with a bestie and still come home to publish or plan a post and I CAN have a whole day of socialising whilst still being active on social media to advertise my name.


I am thankful to myself this week for just letting go and mixing things up a little, because it worked.


On top of all of that, how could I possibly resist heading off out into the sunshine with the glorious weather we have had over the weekend? Normally it’s just my luck that during my time off the weather will turn poop, but ‘au contraire’ I must say!


Sipping on mojito’s, gin and lemonade’s and the good ol’ beer this week has perked me right up…remind me again why we have to work?? Oh yeah… BILLS.

Summer is soon to come and I cannot wait for more sunshine!


With work closing in on me tomorrow, I’m taking this evening-my Sunday evening, to reflect on what I have achieved this week and also how much I have loved it. I need to channel this ZEN into the rest of my week and as they say… ‘Keep calm and carry on’!


I suppose if I had every week off, with every day and every hour free then I wouldn’t appreciate it as much… but please, just one more week? Pretty please with a cherry on top?!


Finally I will end this post with my last few favourite snaps from my eventful week, and also I need to add in my SHINY NEW PHONE that I got today as I was due an upgrade (Super happy as I thought I had to wait till June!), along with a beautiful notebook I found tucked away in the shelves in TK Maxx for a bargain price of £3.99! Winning!


 For now I wish you all a very happy and lazy Sunday evening… I might actually bake T some more fudge as he has gobbled down the last batch already (see recipe here)!

Tally ho for now my lovelies, lot’s more crafts coming soon!




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